To live as friends…

Today we woke up a bit earlier than usual, so it was still dark outside. We had breakfast and went to school. Actually this was the last day we went to Kuo Chuan. So we must practice hard for our best performance. When we arrived we quickly went to the school hall, around 7.30 the farewell ceremony started. It was started with the speech by Celine and Like, than a hip hop dance and all the students dance and sang a song called “Manuk Dadali”. Then, we sang a song called “Friendship”. This song is so touching. When we got to the chorus we surprised our buddies by inviting them to the stage. And of course we sang that song together. And that moment was just so touching. And after that we had lessons with our buddies. Before we left the school we said our farewell for the last time. We took A LOT of pictures with them!! About 1pm, we must left our beloved Kuo Chuan. We were soooooo sad, we cried together. All the happiness and love from them will exist in our hearts and we’ll never forget them… Thank You Buddies! :’)

After all that sad moment in Kuo Chuan,we went to the Cable Car to go to Sentosa Island. The view was so fantastic! We could see buildings, the ocean, and many things. Then, we went to the S.E.A Marine Life Park, we learnt a lot things about fish. There were so many sea creatures like jellyfish, starfish, clown fish, shark, manta ray, etc. S.E.A Marine Life Aquarium is very fantastic! After that, we went to Images Of Singapore. In there, we watched a movie that told us Singapore has 4 big races, Malay, Europe, China and India. After that we walked around and followed the way. We saw a lot of mannequin about the 4 races activities. Like Chinese new year, national holiday and many more. Then we went to Tastes Of Singapore to have dinner there. After we were full, we went to watch Songs of The Sea. The lighting was so cool and the fire shocked us ! The firework amazed us!

After watched the show we went back to hotel, and packed our stuff because tomorrow we will leave singapore. it was so sad:( Maybe this is all for today, we need to rest, because tomorrow we must wake up at 3.30 a.m. Bye! Good night :D