The Most Unforgettable Day

This morning, we woke up and ate breakfast as usual and went to Kuo Chuan by bus. Today was quite different. Usually, we join the buddies for lesson first but today we practice together for our farewell performance first. After an hour practice, we joined our buddies for lesson. The first one was biology. We made an experiment about cheek cells. It was very interesting. The next lesson was additional math. It is the harder version of math. We learned about indices and surds. We didn’t learn much because we have to go earlier for D&T activity.

D&T is design and technology. We were divided into five groups and we had to make a project that was called ‘An Egg Protector’. We were given 20 minutes to build it out of straws, newspapers, and tapes. It had to protect the egg so that the egg wouldn’t break when we dropped it. We were helped by Mr. Alvin Kang, the D&T teacher. It was so fun and two out of three groups succeeded. Next, the teachers taught us how to make a pen holder. The process was very easy and interesting. After we finished, we said goodbye and thank you to the teachers and went to Gardens By The Bay.

We went to two places and they are Flowers Dome and Cloud Forest. In Flowers Dome, we saw lots of kinds of flowers and we learned so much. So many kinds of flowers that we never seen before grew there. There was a big tree called ‘The Grass Tree’ that is 1000 years old. It was really cool! After that, we went to The Cloud Forest. The waterfall was really high and amazing. We took lots of photos. There was also a location where you could walk upstairs and there was fog that you will feel as you were walking on the cloud. Then, we had dinner at Raffles City. Then, we went to Explanade to enjoy beautiful night view of Singapore.