Sports and caring day

Hello! Today is our fourth day at Singapore. This morning we woke up early as usual. We prepared our bags, had breakfast, went to Kuo Chuan and met our buddies. After we arrive at Kuo Chuan, we followed our buddies to class. Today we learned, Chinese, Chemistry, A math ( additional math). We enjoyed their lessons very well because they were very interesting. After all the lessons, we had lunch with our buddies at the canteen. Afterwards, we played Captain’s Ball. It was a unique game. We had so much fun. Our buddies were very good at that game. We had to play hard to win the game. We must throw the ball to the goalkeeper to win. At first, we thought it was hard,but after some period we started to get use to the game. Then we started to enjoy the game.Unfortunately it was time to end the game and we were very exhausted. After that,we went to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children home by bus , we were very excited to see the lovely children . After a long bonding time,it was time to say good bye and we gave some cute bags for them. Later on,we took a bus and went back to school. We ate dinner with our buddies and we had fun together. We think that this is the best day in this trip. We went back to the hotel and got ready for another exciting day. Thankyou for reading,see you tomorrow and God Bless all of us.