See you our beloved buddies

Today is our last day to go to school and meet our buddies.
We woke up earlier than usual and had breakfast. After we had breakfast, we went to Kuo Chuan by bus.

After we arrived at school, we followed the morninig assembly with all Kuo Chuan students arround 1200 students at the school hall. They sing a national anthem Majulah Singapura with rising flag as a part of national curriculum for all students in Singapore. We got ready for performance, because Today is the Farewell Ceremony. We were very nervous! After we were ready, we went up to the stage of perform. Two of our exchange buddies, Celine and Like , did an opening speech and we present 2 songs for them, called ‘Manuk Dadali’ and ‘Friendship’. When we sang ‘Manuk Dadali’, all of the Kuo Chuan students enjoyed our performance. The atmosphere was different when we sang a ‘Friendship’ as it was a sad song. Especially when our buddies came to the stage and hug us after the songs end. There were a lot of our buddies and Petra students cry and sad. Because, it was the last time for us to met them. At the end of morning assembly dr. Liliek Gondomono as a Board Chairman of Petra Christian School Board give speech for all of us and appreciating the strong partnership between two schools Petra and Kuo Chuan. Then followed by souveneer exchange for both schools, then ended by Mrs. Raja (Kuo Chuan Principal) speech.

After we had the Farewell Ceremony, we followed our buddies for the lessons. Today we learn English Lesson, Mathematics, Principal of Accounts and Chinese. For english, we learned about Visual Text.

As today our last day, after school time we went to Sentosa island. The bus sent us to Mount Feber to take cable car to Sentosa island. Our first journey at Sentosa was learining journey at marine Life Park with guided tour. We learned about sea life.
After that we go to Image of Singapore and last show that we attend wa Song of the sea. The spectacular show about lase, fire, water, music and dance. It was very interesting show.