Meeting Buddies for The First Time

It’s finally the day to meet our buddies! We were so nervous since this morning. We went to Kuo Chuan right after we had breakfast. When we arrived, they greeted and waved at us. Then, we joined the buddies at the gymnastic room. The first one is to search for our buddies and the other two are to get one another closer.

After we enjoyed the ice-breakers games with our buddies, we joined them for lessons at their classes. The first lesson was chemistry and then we got physical education. We played frees-bees with our buddies and the other friends at the class. It was really fun! We also had lunch together with our buddies at the canteen. After we had lunch, we joined the art class. We made a 3D art with the help of Mr. Lau, our art teacher.

Finally, it was time to leave the school. We went to Takashimaya Mall at Orchard Road to have dinner and buy some souvenirs. Since it was already at night, we went back to the hotel.

Okay! We already took a shower and now it is time to go to bed! Good night and sleep tight! Bye!