Hi Buddies…

Hi Buddies..

Hello again friends! We’re back with a whole new story to be told. This morning we woke up at around 5 a.m, which was really tiring. It was still dark when we woke up. After that, we had breakfast at the hotel. The food was okay. And the service wasn’t really good. And the menu didn’t have a lot of diversity and they didn’t serve mineral water…

To continue our day, we went to KCPSS for the first time. When we arrived, they greeted us kindly and they were very friendly. And then we were given a piece of paper which concluded their birth dates, favourite colours and animals, and hobbies. Then one of the teachers guided us to a room that was quite big. And we thought it was a dancing room because the room had lots of mirrors on the wall. When we got into the room, our buddies were wearing masks. And we had to find our buddies by ourselves with the information on the piece of paper that was given to us.

And then we played games made by our buddies. YAYYY!!! Those games were called “Whack a Mole” and “Splash BANG!”. Those games were played so that we could know our buddies better. The games required to know other buddies’ name. It was tiring but so fun. And after that we followed our buddies for lessons. Our buddies’ classmates were really friendly. Some of them greeted us and they asked our names as well. And then we went to art class. We were given a task to make a 3D art that tells a story. Then we went to the cafeteria to have lunch. And after that we went back to the art class to finish our work.

After school we went to Orchard Road. We bought gifts for our friends and families. At first we bought chocolates. After buying chocolates, we bought Singapore’s ice cream. And it was delicious!! Then we did some shopping and walked around. Next we had dinner at the Takashimaya’s food court. Some of us had noodles and some of us had rice. The food was delicious. We were full after that, but not Samuel. After eating rice he had noodles. He had five courses of meals today. We were a bit shocked and surprised. After that we went back to the hotel. And here we are now going to sleep and preparing for tomorrow. See you and good night!! :)