Fun Day with Buddies!

Today is our second day of school. First, we had breakfast at our hotel and then we transferred to school yeay! We still felt tired because of yesterday but our buddies made us strong again! Hahaha..

Some of us got to biology lab, we practiced using microscope, we saw our cells by rubbing our saliva, and the others played games called “Captain’s Ball” and “Frisbee”. And next we had a recess than continued to study in our class.

About 1.15 we had our lunch at Junction 8 accompanied by our buddies and then we transferred to Singapore’s Discovery Centre still with our buddies. While in the bus, one of our buddies taught us a claps game that she learned from camp. Her name is Samantha. It was so fun! Next we arrive at Singapore’s Discovery Centre, the teachers gave us a worksheet that should be done. Our buddies helped us to answer the questions. We also learned some singlish, like shiok that means good, wah that means wow, etc. And also we took A LOT of photos with our buddies hehe :p In the Singapore’s Discovery Centre we saw a movie at So Singapore Theater that showed us the unique of Singapore. And we also played some games there. Next we watched the Crisis Simulation Show. Sadly, we only watched the last part, when we wanted to continue watching the teacher said we ran out of time so we must go to see the other side till the exit. After that we said goodbye to our buddies because it was already the time to go back to the hotel. It was so sad to leave our buddies. But, it’s okay we still can meet each other again tomorrow at school hehehe.

From Singapore’s Discovery Centre, we went to our hotel and we ate dinner at …. . Today was a really fun day with our buddies! We got to know each other better and better. Maybe that’s all about today. We needed to sleep now. Bye! ;)