First Journey To Singapore

Hello friends, we are group 1. Finally we arrived after 2 hours flight by Singapore Airlines 931. The plane was awesome ! We could watch movies, play games and listen to music. Also we were surprised at how big and clean the airport was.

Afterwards, we took a bus to Singapore Flyer. Singapore Flyer is the largest giant observation wheel in the world. Interesting fact about it, that it can carry 28 person per capsule. We were really amazed at how beautiful the scenery was. Also we could see many skyscrapers from the capsules. We took a lot of pictures.

Then we had lunch. After lunch we went straight from Singapore Flyer to the famous Merlion Statue. Which is the national symbol of Singapore. We took some ridiculous pictures.

We went straight to the hotel by bus. On the way, we were amazed at how even Singapore could have a traffic jam. After a long traffic jam, we finally arrived at V Hotel and can end our day.

Thank you for reading our report. God bless all of us.

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