First day at school!!!

Hi, we are back! Eventhough today we had to woke up early in the morning, but we were so excited, we finally could meet our buddies. They are very friendly and we were so happy to be friends with them. We had so much fun bonding time with our buddies. After bonding time, our group joined their lessons. From lesson to lesson, we learned a lot of thing such as : Biology, History, Social, Math, English, and Physics. From each lesson we learned many new things. After many lessons, we had Snack Time Later on, we joined the art class. The class was led by Mr Paul Lau. He told us that every art has a story beneath it. After that, he told us to make a 3D art that has a story. We made it for about 2 hours. We created a 3D art about a Car Accident. After a long day at school, we finally had a chance to went to Orchad Road. We dropped of at Takashimaya mall. We bought some souvenir for ourselves, then our group ate the famous ice cream bread in Singapore. Afterwards we went to lucky plaza and we bought a lots of souvenir for our friends. Later on our group had dinner at Food Village and we went back to the hotel at 7:45 P.M. We were very exhausted from all the walking, but finally we could end our day. See you tomorrow, God bless all of us. :D

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