Chapter 6 ~ The last Spark!

The new day has come! We woke up with excitement, for this is our time to perform for Kuo Chuan. We woke up earlier too! We had breakfast as all of our students gathered at the hotel’s lobby. Around 6.25 a.m, we got into our bus and went back to Kuo Chuan. Along the way, we practiced our song for the performance. It goes better when we tried it 2-3 more times. The time collapsed so fast. We didn’t even realized that we already arrived at Kuo Chuan.
We got in and it was still dark! oh well.. We still had to peform maximally for Kuo Chuan and our buddies. A moment later, we’ve arrived at the School Hall. Some of us are preparing to sing and some are preparing for the music. a lot of students started to appear soon after. It seems that they’re excited about our peformance. It’s about 8.00 a.m, The Morning Assembly is about to begin, along with our farewell ceremony. Alright! We are done with our practice, a moment after, we went to the back to wait for the time of our peformance. it took a while, but we finally going to peform our Arts & Culture to Kuo Chuan.
First, The MC introduced us, and then Celine and Like gave the Opening Speech. As they’re finished, our Dancer, krista and Regine presented The mixed up dance, our Hip Hop and Traditional dance. The dance went great! All of Kuo Chuan students loved it. Finally!! Our time to peform our song and dance called ” Manuk Dadali “. The peformance also went great soon after we’re done. Now… We had to sing a song for our buddies. it was dedicated for them. At first the audience went silent. They enjoyed the melody from the song until we reached to our together time. It is when some of us goes down from the stage and called our buddies to come and sing with us at the stage. We actually had a good time singing together. We laughed, and some of us are might start crying.
At the end, all of us hugged each other. Like we know, some of us are laughing and some of us cried in happiness. the audience clapped in amazement when we’re done. Then we went down to the cafeteria to get our light breakfast that the school had prepared for us all. Afterwards, we joined our buddies for some lessons before we go back to our trip. At 12.00 p.m, we headed to the cafeteria again to have our lunch. At that time, it is the hardest time for us. Our buddies are having alot of time together that they can’t hold back their tears when we’re about to leave. But all went just fine after a few happy moments together. Oh well.. Our journey to Sentosa is still waiting. In the bus, some of us are still crying, but we all had fun in Sentosa. We ride a cable car to reach that place. After a few minutes of journey, we arrived at Sentosa. There, we had an educational yet fun experience. We studied about Marine animals, plants, and even their habitat. At the aquarium, we got a lot more information about the Marine Lives. as soon as we got out, we went to The images of Singapore. It told us about the four founding fathers from Malaysia, China, India, and Europe. All of them made a wonderful community that bought Singapore to life. we had a long interesting journey in there, until it is time for us to had our lunch. When we finished, we went to the Beach station using a fast train. There, we are going to see ” The Song Of The Sea “, a performance near the water using only the water, fireworks, explosions, lasers, and projection video. Phew…. tiring isn’t it? but no problem! We had a great time anyway!!! Then we walked to the Bus station to ride back to our hotel. It was a tiring trip for most people, but for us we still had the spirit to carry on our duties in the hotel and preparations for tomorrow’s flight back home. this trip had thought us a lot of things, From the first day we landed, to the last day we went back. We can only say that only God that helped us along the way of our trip. Well.. This is our story. Thank you for reading.. God Bless You…