Chapter 5 ~ Creative Sightseeing

As usual, our new day was started with the rituals. We woke up, took a bath, ate our pleasant breakfast, and finally went to school by bus. The only different thing today was our buddies didn’t welcome us at the lobby. We were confused and tried to find them, but we didn’t find any. At first we guessed what will happen. Then, we were told to go to the indoor field to have practice there. We finished our rehearsal at 10 a.m. We joined the lesson until 11.30 a.m.
After that we went to the creative studio. We were having design and technology class. Our teacher was Mr. Kang. He welcomed us when we arrived. He explained what we had to do. We were divided in groups of five. Our task was to make a raw egg’s protector. We were given straws, newspapers, tape, and an egg. So, when we dropped the egg from 2.5 metres height the egg won’t crack. We started to make the protector and we had to finish it in 20 minutes. Some of us made it, but some were not. Even some of us didn’t make it, it was fun way to start the class. Our next activity was making a handicraft from acrylic. We were taught how to make it. After we understood we started to make our handicraft. The handicraft was really nice, and we loved it. Then we had our lunch at the school’s canteen
When we finished our lunch, we prepared ourselves to go to our next destination, the beauty Gardens by the Bay. When we arrived, we took some pictures together. Our tour guide was waiting so we didn’t want to waste our time. So we entered the garden. The tour guide was kind. She told us a lot of new information about plants and the garden.
There we saw many kinds of plants. We entered flower dome, cloud forest, and the canopy. There was a waterfall. It was 30 metres height. The waterfall was wonderful. Then we watched a video about Earth in the future. We also saw the 3D map of the Gardens by the Bay. Then we went to the gift shop.
And then we went back to our hotel. We ate dinner at Chinatown. We could find some sweet and enjoyed delicious food there.