Chapter 2 ~ New day, new buddies…

New day, we all woke up at 5 a.m. We all had excited feeling, because we would meet our buddies at KCPSS. Our breakfast was very simple but delicious, it made us full enough, but it couldn’t stop our excited feeling. After breakfast, we went to school by bus. Some of us began to feel nervous when we reached the school.
When we reached the school, we saw our buddies welcomed us in front of the school lobby. They looked excited as well, same with us!!!!
The first session was bonding time, we tried to know each other by guessing their characteristic. It was very fun, little bit confused, but also excited. We saw that our buddies were very kind and so expressive, so that we could socialize with them better. They shown us the school environment, and then we continued by following our buddies in their lesson. Our group was separated based on our buddies class. It was very interesting lesson time.
After we finished with our lessons, we followed the art lesson. We got so many new things there, the teacher taught us about the meanings of art, which means that art wasn’t just something pretty, but also have a story inside. Art also used to communicate about what we thought. After the teacher explained, he asked us to create a 3D object. Our group made the Sinabung Erruption. When we were in the process, the teacher also gave us ideas to make our project better.
It was time to have lunch for us. The school served us with some variation of food, and some of our buddies joined us for lunch. After we finished, we continued our project a while, and took some pictures with the groups and the art teacher, then we headed to Orchard Road and had about 5 hours free time to explore and enjoyed Orchard Road. After we finished with our dinner, we went back to the hotel to take a rest. We were very tired, but we also felt very happy.
Ok, we will take a rest…see you tomorrow on our next chapter….. Byeeeee…, Zzzzztt…