Adventurous day

Hi ! Group 1 is back (>w<). As always we woke up early in the morning, had breakfast, and took a bus to school. After our arrival, we had
Rehearsal for tomorrow's special performance. After a long practice, we followed our buddies to their class and we had some lessons.

At 11.30 am our buddies took us to creative studio to do D&T activity, which stands for design and technology activity. For the first activity, the teacher told us to make an egg protector using some straws, newspaper and tape. We were divided into groups of 5. In the end, only 2 groups managed to keep the egg from breaking. For the second activity, he told us to make a pen holder. He gave us freedom to choose the color we like. We followed the instruction carefully. We had so much fun. Afterwards we took a bus to Garden by the bay.

After we had arrived, we took a lot of pictures at the entrance. Then the tour guide took us in a learning journey in Garden by the bay. We walk for a long time and we finally got inside our first destination, the flower dome. We were very amazed at how beautiful the flower dome was. The tour guide taught us about different kinds of plant species. The dome was surprisingly cold but pleasant. After that we went to the cloud forest.

In the cloud forest we were greeted by a giant waterfall. It was a fantastic and fascinating waterfall. Besides the waterfall, there were mists in the cloud forest, so it was also cold there. Oh! and we saw the famous venus flytrap but they were smaller than we thought and we saw a movie about how we should treat the world better. Then it's time to say goodbye at Garden by the bay. We rode the bus back to the hotel. Thank you for reading. God Bless all of us.