Hello Buddies!

Today we woke up at 05.30 in the morning to get ready for school yeay! we were so excited to meet our buddies. We had our breakfast at hotel. Then, we transfered to Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School.

When we arrived at KCPSS our buddies were waiting for us and then before we knew each other and introduced ourself they left, And then the teacher gave us a clue of our buddies that had hidden in a room with a mask on. The clue was biography about our buddies. So, we must asked them one by one who matched with the clues. Our buddies were so nice and friendly! ^^

After knowing who our buddies, we played some game so we got to know each other more.

Next, we were follow each other buddies for lessons and then we got a recess. The canteen was so crowded we only got 30 mins of recess.The KCPians were so friendly…

After that we followed our buddies again for a lesson until 11.30 then we went to the art room. Mr. Lou the art teacher said that every art must be a story behind it. Then, he gave us an art project. We must made something 3D with a box for the base. We made a 3D project based on Rapunzel story. We chose Rapunzel as the symbol of love and hope. The teachers praised our artwork. Hehe We were so proud of our creation. We had lunch at school. KuoChuan provided us our lunch… Wow!

Next, we were going to Orchard Rd ! wohoo! First of all, we went to Kinokuniya bookstore. And then we went to Candylicious to buy some chocolates and candies. From Takashimaya, we headed to lucky plaza to buy some souvenirs. When we were walking to Lucky Plaza we found Singapore’s ice cream and we quickly bought it and ate it. We went to Lucky Plaza to buy some souvenirs for our family and friends. We also bought some clothes for us. After walking around we went to the food court to have dinner. After dinner some of us still bought Ice Cream Hokaido. Hehe. The ice cream tasted so yummy ! :9

Around 8 p.m. we took our bus and went back to our hotel. Then we went to sleep after this tiring yet fun day. See you tomorrow KuoChuan! Good night! :D