Our First Adventure in Singapore

Hi friends!! We want to tell you about our adventure today. First we woke up super early because we had to arrive at Juanda International Airport at 7 a.m. Some of our friends arrived late so we had to wait for them, then we went to the waiting room and waited for 2.5 hours. Then we got into the plane and 2 hours later we got off the plane. That meant we’ve just arrived in Singapore and we were really excited. We were a bit surprised because some of the people who worked there are Indonesian, just like us. And we heard them speaking Indonesian. Then we went to the baggage claim.

After that, we went to Singapore Flyer. We were really excited because actually this was our first time there. But, some of us got bored because it took a long time being up there. We took a lot of photos together with the Singapore’s view. It took around 30 minutes to make a full rotation. And then we ate lunch at a food court nearby the Singapore flyer. The food there was delicious. And after that Angela, Samuel, and Jessica bought some ice cream. And it was one of the best tasting ice cream they’ve ever eaten.

Next, we went to the Merlion Statue. We took a lot of funny pictures. We were laughing so hard because of those pictures. We really enjoyed our time there. But unfortunately we were there not too long because it was really crowded. So we decided to go to the hotel to check in.

We’ve arrived at V Hotel, we were really tired because we went to so many places. So, to refill our energy we had some rest and then we had dinner around the hotel. Ungortunately, since we cannot find Burger King nearby, we end up by having McD. Finally, we went back to the hotel. And we really can not wait to see our buddies in Kuo Chuan tomorrow. Bye, wait for our new story tomorrow!!